Support Collection

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Support collection services can help parents collect the child support they need to provide their children with an adequate lifestyle. The money necessary to feed, clothe and educate children is far more than you may have thought. Millions of dollars each year is supposed to be paid to custodial parents.

Attempt to Collect Child Support

Much of this money goes uncollected for one reason or another. Either the absent parent has moved to another state or simply refuses to write a monthly check to parent with custody. This can place a tremendous financial burden on a household.

Where can you find effective support collection? If you've been relying on state agencies to recover you money, you may be one of the millions of parents in the United States who has been unsuccessful at collecting child support money. Since the state is inundated with millions of child support cases, it is very difficult for them to manage cases successfully.

70% Successful Support Collection Methods

There are other methods that you can try in order to collect the money that was ordered to be paid to you by the court. Third party agencies have a 70% return rate on child support cases. These people can recover your money at a minimal fee.

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