Massachusetts Divorce Lawyers

Written by Lori Covington
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Massachusetts divorce lawyers are not your only option when filing for divorce. In Massachusetts, divorce lawyers can be replaced by mediators, who can fulfill the same legal requirements for divorce at lower costs (both financial and emotional), to participants. Mediated divorce creates stronger, more lasting Divorce Agreements that are less likely to be appealed by spouses. More importantly, mediation preserves the direct communication so important in the post-divorce relationship.

Around fifty percent of marriages end within five years, and of people who remarry, about fifty percent of those marriages end as well. Divorce is big business, and it can be a financial burden as well as causing immense pain to families. In Massachusetts, divorce lawyers can earn $200 to over $500 per hour, giving your attorney little incentive to bring your case to a quick conclusion. When you work with a mediator, you replace the litigious, warlike procedures of proving and blaming with communication and understanding as you work towards common goals.

Massachusetts Divorce Lawyers Create Paperwork: Mediators Create Agreement

Mediators are unlike lawyers in that each mediator works with the couple, meeting individually and together, to facilitate negotiation. Agreement is the goal, and the wishes of both people are considered by a fair and impartial professional who wants the best for her (or his) clients. When you choose mediation, it says something about the way you choose to conduct your divorce; with fairness and open discussion of important issues.

Your mediator can help you understand the legal requirements of divorce, and can guide you toward the best solutions to your problems. Because mediation takes place in a series of private meetings, you are spared costly and disruptive court appearances which can add months or even years to the proceedings. In most cases, mediated divorces only go to court once, after the couple has created their Divorce Agreement.

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