Massachusetts Divorce By Mediation

Written by Lori Covington
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In Massachusetts, divorce by mediation differs from divorce by litigation in that spouses do not hire an attorney apiece and take to the courts to hammer out a divorce agreement. In mediation, you will hire one mediator, who will sit down with you and your spouse outside of the courtroom, to help you build your divorce agreement with minimal friction and stress. Because you are hiring one professional instead of two lawyers, you can expect Massachusetts divorce by mediation to cost less on average than litigated divorce proceedings.

Mediation has been used to create lasting peace between countries, and has facilitated company mergers and management-labor disputes in the business world. Massachusetts divorce by mediation is a legal method of arranging a divorce without engaging lawyers. Mediation lets you work in privacy with a professional who understands and respects confidentiality. Mediators model respect and persistence, creating civilized procedures for working through a divorce.

In Massachusetts, Divorce by Mediation Can Be Comprehensive

Mediators can do more than help you and your spouse come to agreement on details such as child visitation and property settlements; some mediators can even complete all the required paperwork. Mediators work by listening to the concerns of both spouses and finding a meeting-ground between them: in mediation, both spouses are in control of the divorce process and decisions that will effect them.

Mediators are trained to start wherever their clients are, progressively bringing people together by using negotiation and compromise. Mediators are invested in making certain that both spouses are satisfied with the details of the divorce agreement. When you work with a mediator, you are taking part in an established process based on respect and fairness for you and your spouse.

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