Massachusetts Visitation Law

Written by Lori Covington
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If you are a parent and are seeking divorce, you may have questions about Massachusetts visitation law. Will the court consider how far you live from your children and how far you may have to travel to visit them, when deciding upon support payments? Will you be allowed to see your children as much as you want; or if you are the custodial parent, will your spouse be available as a parent when you need extra help? Will you be able to make changes to your visitation arrangements as the children grow?

Massachusetts Visitation Law: Finding a Professional Attorney

When you are unsure about your rights and responsibilities in regards to Massachusetts visitation law, it's important to know what to expect before your court date. Ideally, you and your spouse can make plans for the children and for sharing custody by discussing your wishes and needs. But sometimes, divorcing couples get caught up in cycles of anger and blame, distracting them from the real issues of custody, visitation and child support to suffer.

How can you best arrange for your children's continued comfort and security ? You have a choice: you may choose lawyers and take sides, trying to win as much as possible while losing nothing. Or, you can hire a mediator who can help pinpoint and act on the issues most important to both of you and the children. Massachusetts visitation law allows the use of mediators, who not only facilitate agreement between spouses, but can also complete the necessary legal paperwork. Mediators help divorcing couples discuss their concerns, negotiate agreements and reach workable solutions for everyone, with less time, less cost and less conflict than litigation.

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