Alcohol Assessment Info

Written by Amy Hall
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You may need to find out some alcohol assessment info if you have been ordered by a judge to undergo such an evaluation. More than likely, if you have been charged with a Washington DUI, you have been given an order by the judge to have some sort of professional alcohol assessment done. This may or may not be covered by your insurance, so it is wise to ask if you have some leeway when choosing such a facility to perform the assessment.

One of the reasons a judge would ask for alcohol assessment info on you is to determine if you have an addiction to alcohol. If it is determined that you do in fact have a problem controlling your alcohol consumption, than you may be ordered to undergo a rehabilitation treatment center for alcoholics. The point of this is to get you the help you need if you have a chemical dependency for alcohol.

Important Alcohol Assessment Info

Another reason why a judge may want alcohol assessment info on you is that if you have been convicted before of drunk driving, it may be necessary to suspend your license for longer than the standard suspension time. It may also be determined that you need to have an ignition interlock device installed on your car that will not allow you to drive if the device detects any alcohol on your breath.

You may think that a judge is going to extremes if he or she orders you to get an alcohol assessment. However, many judges order this because it can help people identify chemical dependencies that require rehabilitation efforts in order to live a more healthy and productive life. Washington drunk driving penalties may seem severe, but they are there to discourage people from driving drunk.

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