Field Sobriety Test Info

Written by Amy Hall
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Whether you have been charged with a Washington DUI or not, you may be interested in getting field sobriety test info. Maybe a friend or family member has been arrested for drunk driving and is now facing Washington drunk driving penalties, which are among the most severe in the country. Understanding how an officer comes to the conclusion that a person is drunk, aside from taking a BAC test, which measures blood alcohol content, can be helpful in determining how a jury trial will go.

One of the best places to get field sobriety test info is on the Web. There are many informative sites that discuss the various testing measures that determine if someone is legally drunk. You may also be surprised to learn that a person can be arrested for drunk driving even if their BAC test reveals that they are less than the .08 legal limit. If an officer believes that a person is drunk, regardless of whether or not they are below the .08 legal limit, they can be cited for drunk driving.

Important Field Sobriety Test Info

Drivers who are stopped and asked to complete some field sobriety tests are not legally required to do so. However, it is important for drivers to realize that refusing to take some tests may increase the suspicions of the officer, who may make an arrest based on that suspicion. It may be better to submit to the tests because the possibility that you will pass is always present.

Most stopped drivers are asked to recite the ABCs without singing them, walk heel to toe in a straight line, say tongue twisters, pick up a coin on the ground without fumbling, and do the one leg stand. It is important to keep in mind that many people fail these tests when they are sober, so the true measure of a person's intoxication should not be based on these tests alone. For more detailed field sobriety test info, log onto the Internet and perform a search for DUI testing.

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