Seattle Drunk Driving Penalties

Written by Amy Hall
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If you get arrested for a Washington DUI, you can count on one thing: stiff Seattle drunk driving penalties. Washington state drunk driving laws are among the most severe in North America, so you would be well advised to seek out legal representation if you have found yourself in this unfortunate situation. With only one DUI offense, you face jail time of up to one year, as well as some steep fines and license suspension.

The trick to avoiding Seattle drunk driving penalties is to never drive while you are intoxicated. This being the obvious solution is often not what happens to even the most well-intentioned people. You may get behind the wheel of a car after only two drinks, and feel like you are not at all drunk. However, if you get pulled over, and an officer asks you to take a BAC test, which measures blood alcohol content, you will probably blow a .08, which is the legal limit in Seattle.

Dealing with Seattle Drunk Driving Penalties

If you are facing Seattle drunk driving penalties, don't go it alone. Hire a reputable DUI lawyer that knows the ins and outs of the drunk driving laws in Washington state. A lawyer can look for loopholes in your police report that may help you get your case thrown out in court, or at least get your charges reduced.

A good lawyer will be able to fight for you to keep your driver's license, as well as forgo any jail time. Don't make the costly mistake of representing yourself in court, as there is just too much at stake that goes beyond monetary fines, namely your reputation. If you feel that you have been charged wrongly of a drunk driving conviction, you owe it to yourself to get the best legal help possible.

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