Seattle Dwi Lawyers

Written by Amy Hall
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Seattle DWI lawyers may very well be your best line of defense against a Washington DUI charge. The state of Washington does not mess around with lenient drunk driving laws. In fact, Washington drunk driving penalties are very tough, and someone who has been convicted of drunk driving will have that mark on his or her personal record permanently.

In some states a DUI conviction is only on your record for five to seven years, upon which time it is completely erased. This is not so in Washington. Having such a conviction can affect a person for the rest of his life. Car insurance is more expensive, traveling abroad can be tricky, applying for a job can be more challenging, and the list goes on. If you face drunk driving charges, you owe it to yourself to consider hiring experienced Seattle DWI lawyers who are experts in this field.

Plan Your Defense with Seattle DWI Lawyers

When you are arrested for DUI, you may feel like you can handle the situation on your own. In fact, you may think that if you just cooperate and show up for your court date, that all will be well and good. Perhaps you even believe that you will only lose your license for three months at the maximum, and maybe only 30 days at the minimum. Well, all of these thoughts could cost you your driver's license for one year, jail time, very high fines, and maybe even an ignition interlock device on your car.

Seattle DWI lawyers know more about drunk driving cases that you could probably imagine. They know that not every case is an open book, and that many police reports have errors in them. However, if you don't hire an attorney to defend your case, you can count on getting the maximum penalties thrown at you. Do yourself a big favor and contact a few different attorneys for a free consultation, and then make up your mind if you want to go it alone it court.

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