Washington Drunk Driving Fines

Written by Amy Hall
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Washington drunk driving fines will certainly make your wallet lighter. Drunk driving convictions in Washington are handled severely, and the punishment for this gross misdemeanor can be harsh. Persons convicted of drunk driving face numerous penalties, with the monetary fines being steep.

It can be helpful to know exactly what the fines and fees are for a Washington DUI offense before it ever happens to you. Sometimes when you are aware of the facts, you take greater pains to avoid the situation altogether. In Washington, a one-time offense for drunk driving can carry fines of $685 all the way up to $8,125, which is not a small chunk of change.

Steep Washington Drunk Driving Fines

If your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is less than .15, you will have fines imposed upon you that range from $685 to $8,125. If your BAC is at .15 or higher, you will face fines of $925 to $8,125. Furthermore, you will have to consider the amount of money you will have to spend on your legal defense, special automobile insurance (SR22), as well as fees to get a hearing with the Department of Licensing.

If you stop to consider the consequences of drinking and driving and the hefty Washington drunk driving fines imposed on those arrested for drunk driving, you will probably think better of getting behind the wheel of a car after you have been drinking. It is simply not worth taking the risk. In addition to having to pay such steep Washington drunk driving fines, you would have to undergo an alcohol assessment, live with a permanent record of the DUI, and face five years probation.

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