Written by Abby Luttrell
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In special cases, an individual seeking an INS green card, in other words, residence and employment in the United States, may seek asylum. What are the qualifications for seeking asylum? You must fear persecution in your home country.

America's Proud Heritage

Persecution may come as a result of your religion, sex, employment, or political beliefs. It can be any part of your identity which causes you to suffer ostracism, financial ruin and/or bodily harm and death. The United States has a proud heritage of providing a haven for refugees and dissidents.

Even while living in your home country, you can apply for and receive refugee status in the United States. If it is approved, you will be guaranteed safe passage to America. Foreigners who are already U.S. residents may apply for asylum to avoid returning to their home country, where they may face persecution, imprisonment or death.

If your asylum status, or refugee status is approved, you may enter the United States and remain there. After one year, you may apply for permanent residency. After five years, you may apply for naturalization, or U.S. citizenship.

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