Getting A Green Card

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Getting a green card is not complicated if you consult a U.S.immigration attorney. They will advise you on the many ways to get a green card. The main methods of getting a green card are through employment, family, or the lottery system.

Employment can provide the means for getting a green card. Immigrants wishing to work in the United States must fit in to one of five categories. The first category is "Priority Workers," which includes managers, executives, professors, and outstanding people at the top of their profession. The second level includes people of special ability, usually professionals with advanced degrees.

The third category covers people with Bachelor's degrees and skilled workers. Unskilled workers in professions with special needs are also included in this category, and can win their green card by virtue of their specialized job. The fourth category encompasses people working in religious denominations or sects who come to America as part of a religious mission.

Green Card Opportunities For Investors

A fifth employment category is for investors. These investors must invest one million dollars in a new business enterprise in the United States, or half a million dollars to rescue a troubled U.S. business. U.S. immigration attorneys can advise any prospective immigrant on the employment category that is best for them, and by providing extensive immigration and naturalization services, can streamline the whole green card process.

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