Immigration Information

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Immigration information is offered freely by many government agencies and non-governmental organizations. It is very important that migrants explore every resource in their home country before leaving for the United States. First, future migrants speak the same language as agencies and groups that assist emigrants, and this facilitates communication, which minimizes misunderstandings.

Second, it is much easier to collect the requisite information and documentation before leaving the country of one's birth. Making sure that all paperwork is in order, and relevant fees paid, will prevent glitches from delaying--sometimes for months--immigration to America. Immigrants do not want to be stranded between their birth country and the U.S. because of incomplete or improper applications and documents.

Immigration Information in the U.S.

Before leaving their homeland, emigrants with access to the Internet can go online and receive the most up-to-date immigration information from various official websites of the U.S. government. The Department of State (DOS), which issues temporary visas, has an informative website that will prove invaluable for immigrants who want to enter this country on such a visa. One of the government sites can be accessed at to obtain current details about visas.

Taking care of all documents and fees before leaving one's country may help to prevent problems, but an immigrant who arrives in the United States and decides to stay, needs resources, both informational and financial. Fortunately, the United States government provides assistance by phone and online for those who need immigration information, want to order forms, or want to make an appointment at a field office of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS).

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