Us Citizenship Immigration Services

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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US citizenship immigration services have undergone an overhaul since 9/11. With the need to increase scrutiny of foreign travelers to this country, and the need to tighten visa requirements, the relevant federal agencies were streamlined to promote efficient operations. Duties and responsibilities were divided, concentrated, and focused to enhance the preparedness of all involved federal agencies to deal with both legal immigration and potential threats from immigrants.

US citizenship immigration services include many benefits and programs designed to educate immigrants about the heritage, laws, and political workings of the United States so that when they become naturalized, they will be ready to assume their responsibilities as citizens. To this end, the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) has established a New Immigrant Orientation Initiative designed as an outreach program to assist immigrants to learn about, and adjust to, their new country.

US Citizenship Immigration Services Programs

One of the goals of the BCIS is to make immigrants aware of the many opportunities to learn English or to increase English language skills. Another is to reach out to immigrants and make sure they know of the many organizations and resources available to them. In fact, the bureau is charged with promoting instruction and training about immigrant responsibilities, and with developing meaningful educational materials.

US citizenship immigration services sends Community Liaison Officers into the field to actively work with groups and agencies interested in educating and assisting immigrants. There are 17 field locations that service all regions of the country, from New York to Chicago to Portland, and from Atlanta to Dallas to Los Angeles. From these offices, liaison representatives work with community-based organizations, adult education groups, and local governmental officials to implement the federal government's goals for immigrants.

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