Cash Advance Company

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Goals of a Cash Advance Company

A cash advance company can be set up in different ways, as each company determines its goals for engaging in litigation financing. There are, however, two apparent goals--one altruistic, and one financial. The intention of this legal funding is to enable a plaintiff's lawsuit to continue even though the plaintiff is out of money and could not otherwise continue the case in court.

It is also in the self-interest of a cash advance company to choose to fund strong legal cases that appear to be winners. Because these companies are investment-oriented, they hope to have a good return on their investment in a plaintiff's claim. If, however, the case loses in court, the investment is likewise lost because the advanced money is not a loan.

How a Company Works

Since this kind of cash advance company only funds civil cases, this means that the following are eligible for funding: personal injury, employment discrimination, medical malpractice, wrongful death. Usually, the company may be contacted online or at a toll-free number, and all case material is collected as quickly as possible. The attorney and the client provide details of the lawsuit, and the case is reviewed by the company.

If all parties agree to the financing, the agreements are signed, and a check is sent via FedEx the next day. No time is lost once all necessary information is exchanged and all necessary papers signed. Time is often of the essence in legal matters, and when plaintiffs run out of money and are facing the loss of their cause of action--this is the time for swift support.

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Pre Settlement Cash Advance

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