Funding Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Funding Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Compensation

Funding wrongful death lawsuit is one of the causes of action that litigation financing companies consider, as they only review civil claims. What is a "wrongful death"? Common law declared that a cause of action ends with the death of the person who files it, and this makes some sense. After all, if the individual who files a lawsuit dies, what good can come to that person by continuing the lawsuit after death?

Every one of the United States, however, has a wrongful death statute that provides for compensation to a family for the economic loss brought about by the wrongful death of a family member. The common law was often harsh, and in the case of a family deprived of its livelihood because of the death of the wage earner, the resulting poverty and desperation came to be seen as inhumane. Consequently, the common law has been changed so that a spouse or family can bring a lawsuit against a person or business, for instance, for any wrongful act or negligence that caused the death.

Families without Money

Such cases would naturally draw the attention of companies interested in funding wrongful death lawsuit since one of their purposes is to enable needy plaintiffs to continue with a deserving claim. Families suddenly deprived of the salary of the breadwinner would shortly be thrown into poverty. Certainly, they often cannot afford to hire an attorney, nor can they continue to pay the costs of proceeding with a lawsuit.

When contacted online or on the phone by a potential plaintiff, a lawsuit funding company works fast to gather all pertinent material. Once the basics are taken care of, the company reviews the material, assesses the merit of the lawsuit, and responds within 48 hours. If the decision is for funding wrongful death lawsuit, a check is issued immediately and sent via FedEx.

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