Lawsuit Cash Advance

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lawsuit Cash Advance Makes Justice Affordable

A lawsuit cash advance can be made in several ways and for varying purposes, but all are made with the ultimate goal of enabling a cash-strapped plaintiff to proceed with a lawsuit. Some companies that make a lawsuit cash advance require that their money go strictly for litigation expenses: filing fees, depositions, court costs. Others insist that the money be used for personal bills, such as medical expenses.

Whatever the provisions for the use of the money, the plaintiff is now in a better financial position and can continue with the lawsuit. At least there is a chance at this point that the claim will succeed in court and that a profitable settlement or judgment will provide the plaintiff with adequate compensation. Justice should be affordable for all individuals who are wronged, but since that is not the case, plaintiff funding is necessary to give the impoverished plaintiff an opportunity to make a case in court.

When to Apply for Funds

Although risk-free for the plaintiff, applying for a lawsuit cash advance is not the first option for anyone. In fact, it is a last resort that should be broached only when there are absolutely no other options to be considered. The main reason for this reluctance is that you, the plaintiff, must share any award with a third party--the funding group.

Only when you cannot find any other way to proceed--that is, this is the end of the lawsuit--should you turn to litigation funding for support. Then, you should act in concert with your attorney, whose scrutiny of the financial terms and agreement is crucial. You should make absolutely sure you understand the legal and financial implications of any contract in this matter.

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