Pre-settlement Lawsuit Funding

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding Is a Reprieve

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is a legal lifesaver for a financially-sinking plaintiff. Litigation financing revives a lawsuit that is in danger of ending only because the plaintiff is running out of money. Like contingency fees, third-party plaintiff funding empowers insolvent individuals to continue their claim to conclusion in court.

Who knows what percentage of people with legitimate physical, emotional, or mental injuries never even consider suing the person or company responsible for their harm because of lack of money? How many lawsuits are dropped because the plaintiff has mortgaged the house, borrowed from family, and sold valuables to keep going? The sad truth is, these are commonplace stories in which the plaintiff does not pursue justice for financial reasons and does not have pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

Plaintiff Loses, Defendant Wins

These stories usually involve a plaintiff of modest means and an insurance company that refuses to pay a claim, or a corporation that has unlimited financial resources to draw on. Unless the plaintiff can join a class action lawsuit in which others who suffered injuries because of the same act or product unite, fighting a wealthy defendant can be a lonely, one-sided contest.

When the plaintiff withdraws a lawsuit because of lack of money, the defendant wins by default. This means the wrong committed by this defendant goes unpunished by the law, which could have cost the defendant several kinds of damages to be paid to the plaintiff. With the intervention of pre-settlement lawsuit funding, however, a successful lawsuit brings the defendant to account for the conduct that harmed the plaintiff.

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