Settlement Loan

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Settlement Loan Funds Just Cause

A settlement loan that saves a lawsuit from ending brings hope to an insolvent plaintiff that the claim, at least, will make it through the court. Without such third-party plaintiff funding, many justifiable lawsuits never get filed or settle too soon, with little money actually reaching the plaintiff. Although it is a last resort, a settlement loan permits some measure of justice to enter an otherwise bleak situation.

The law provides for all kinds of damages and compensation from defendants who have wronged a plaintiff, but these are useless to an impoverished person who cannot fund a lawsuit to obtain those damages. In this sense, a plaintiff is wronged again. Through litigation financing, outside attorney/investor groups enable any plaintiff to get a hearing in a court of law.

Equal Opportunity Law

Access to the benefits provided by law is one of the hallmarks of a just society. Without the right to bring a legal case against a wrongdoer, ordinary citizens must suffer any injury in silence. Without the ability to be heard and bring a case in court, a person must endure any wrongs that the powerful commit.

In a free society, justice is supposed to be available to all, regardless of race, age, gender, or wealth. All too often, however, justice can be bought in that the wealthy and powerful can persist, but the poor plaintiff must give up. By advancing a settlement loan, third-party groups enable the deserving plaintiff to persist, too.

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