Articles Of Incorporation

Written by Laurie Nichol
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In order to form a corporation, you'll need to complete a number of legal tasks first. From start to finish, most entrepreneurs wisely choose to retain a qualified attorney to provide them with the legal advice they'll need for a successful process, especially during the filing of the Articles of Incorporation. Unless you're well-versed with small business law, you'll probably want to retain this sort of legal assistance as well.

What Your Attorney Can Guide You Through

To begin with, there are even legal guidelines regarding the company name that you choose. Then, there is a specific way in which you appoint the members of your corporation's directing body. The next step, filing the Articles of Incorporation is perhaps the most complicated part of the process.

Filing this important paperwork requires you to abide by many formalities and to navigate certain complex questions with the right answers. Mistakes during this process could lead to large-scale problems in the future. Even if you choose not to hire an advising attorney for the majority of the process, you should retain one for the filing of the Articles of Incorporation.

Once these are completed, then you'll be drafting important business documents, including your guiding corporate bylaws. The issuance of stock certificates then follows, which also requires careful legal consideration and financial planning. And the last major legal step is to obtain the documents that your business will require in order to operate in its specific sectors - the many licenses and permits that you may need. If you know how to find a lawyer who can guide you through this period of your company's development, you'll be well-protected against legal difficulties.

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