Collection Attorney

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Are you tired of being harried by collection agents pursuing payments by unorthodox means? If you're in debt and unable to pay, then you can take certain steps, including debt consolidation and refinancing that can help ease the burden. But if you're really having a problem with the ways in which the collection agencies are bothering you, you might have a different type of legal case.

Fighting Back Against Illegal Collection Practices

The companies to whom you are in debt eventually hire collection agencies--this is normal practice. However, these agencies are legally restricted in terms of what techniques they may use to pursue your payments. Sometimes, however, they step out of line--if you've experienced this, you might consider retaining a collection attorney.

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act exists as a check to what these companies may do. If they're ignoring this legal mandate, then you deserve to fight back! A collection attorney can help you determine whether their actions are enough to provoke a lawsuit.

If you've been humiliated, harangued, or just plain overwhelmed by illegal collections activities, then it's time for some justice and financial recompense! If you know how to find a lawyer who can provide excellent advice, you've taken the first step. Many debtors can find an attorney online who can tell them their rights and whether they've been infringed upon--and what to do next.

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