Green Card

Written by Laurie Nichol
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The naturalization process can be, quite literally, a lottery. Achieving your green card is the first step towards becoming a United States citizen, but this process can take years and years for those who make it. Increasing your odds can be done with the help of an excellent immigration attorney.

Green Card Legal Basics

The legitimate term for a green card is "Alien Registration Receipt Card." It defines the holder as a legal permanent resident of the United States. While a green card does not confer the full rights that citizenship does, it allows the holder to live in the country permanently.

The benefits of gaining a green card are obvious. But, the laws surrounding green cards and all other aspects of immigration law can be tricky and your rights can legally be taken away if you violate the law to a certain degree. Whether you're just beginning the naturalization process or are a green card holder who is now involved in some legal difficulties, experienced legal advice is extremely helpful.

Finding an experienced immigration attorney doesn't have to be an involved process. There are a limited number of firms in any given area, but even this number can sometimes be large and the distinctions difficult to make. We recommend that you find an attorney online from a listing database that can give you more than just names and phone numbers--some are able to give small bits of information on the types of cases that the firm is involved in as well as the names of contacts there.

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