Immigration Attorney

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Only an experienced attorney can best lead you through the very serious intricacies of immigration law. Questions of sponsorship, legality, green card issues and so on can be understood upon careful research, but only an immigration attorney will have the expertise to guide you through the proper actions and channels. Finding the right immigration attorney is especially crucial to those who wish to bring family members into this country to join them.

Sponsoring Your Loved Ones for a Green Card

Following the sponsorship guidelines, as any responsible immigration attorney can tell you, is a rigorous process. First, you must already be a full US citizen yourself in order to sponsor your spouse, children of any age, parents, or siblings. If you hold a green card, but have not yet gone through naturalization, then you can only sponsor your spouse and any children who are unmarried.

Another way to help friends or loved ones enter the United States is to inform them about other ways besides family sponsorship. If they can find jobs or attend a formal education in the United States, then it's possible to obtain a visa in that way. Immigration law is strictly enforced, but there are ways to do certain things within the system.

Finding an experienced attorney to assist you in these legal processes, including immigration problems, green card issues, the naturalization process, and so on, can be achieved more simply than you might think. One of the easiest and most intelligent ways to go about this is to find an attorney online from a large database listing. Try surfing the web for one of these listing resources, and you'll have the informational tools to help you make your decision.

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