Advance Directive

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Are you looking for information on preparing a legal document like an advance directive that will lay out the kind of future medical care you'll receive? Many people worry that, when they become unable to make their own healthcare decisions, their fate will fall into unspecified hands. For this reason, planning your advance directive is an important decision.

This document is sometimes referred to as "durable power of attorney", or "healthcare proxy." In many states, however, these two terms are referred to together as the above-mentioned directive document. Creating this form is your job, together with an experienced attorney.

The right lawyer for the job is someone who has experience in estate planning and healthcare documentation, such as legal will writing. A good place to find low-cost legal help when creating these documents is an online legal advice center. Here, you'll be able to get the help you need at a low flat rate.

Create and Review your Advance Directive

These online attorneys can help you to create a clear and effective document. If you have already created one in the past, but have doubts as to its legitimacy, you can opt to have it carefully reviewed. For whatever legal needs you may have, these sites are an excellent one-stop resource.

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