Alternative Dispute Resolution

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Can alternative dispute resolution really help to smooth over a divorce proceeding? Many people think that mediation services are only meant for amicable divorces. To the contrary, they're often the best option for even the most conflict-laden cases.

For every type of divorce, alternative dispute resolution can really help. It clarifies what each person wants and needs, through the filter of a skilled third-party mediator. Avoiding emotional confusion and financial vagueness is well worth the service.

You don't have to be filing for divorce to go through mediation. Many couples go to mediators for information and help with separation issues and other marital topics. It is becoming an ever more popular method of dispute resolution!

Locating Alternative Dispute Resolution Professionals

Searching for experienced official mediators can sometimes be as expensive as retaining a lawyer. For this reason, there are now great online legal advice sites where people can, for a very low fee, speak with attorneys and also contact mediators. Quick and easy videocasts connect up the participants, and even the most hairy conflicts can be solved with expert advice.

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