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Civil Litigation Lawyers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Civil litigation lawyers are those attorneys who have opted to take cases instituted by individuals seeking to recover losses sustained because of the negligence or deliberate actions of others. In many cases, these attorneys are dedicated to helping injured parties face whatever lies ahead of them as a result of their injuries by obtaining enough money from the defendants to provide for medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They often work on a contingency basis.

Civil Litigation Lawyers and Contingency

While no amount of money can replace good health and the ability to earn a living wage, for some victims and their families, winning a civil lawsuit for damages is the only way to insure the best possible quality of life for the injured party and his or her family. The amount of money awarded when a case is won depends on the extent of the injury, whether is is life altering, or even whether it is disfiguring. If an award or settlement is the result of the litigation, it can make all the difference in the world to the victim.

Civil litigation lawyers may take cases that do not involve personal injury. For example, a divorce case is a civil matter. In general, when a civil litigation attorney takes a case not involving personal injury, they do not work on a contingency basis, but, rather, they may charge a base rate and an hourly rate.

Finding Civil Litigation Lawyers

You may be able to find a great local civil litigation lawyer online. The Internet has become a major resource for both legal information and for finding attorneys when you need them. When you're looking for an attorney, either online or locally, you should obtain as much information about that lawyer as possible. This can include checking out references listed online or even asking an attorney you are considering if you can contact former clients.

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