Divorce Kit

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Many people who want to complete a quick divorce look into buying a divorce kit. The "do it yourself divorce" sounds too good to be true, and it often is. While thousands of amicable divorces occur every year, they don't always fit the narrow parameters in which a divorce kit is a viable idea.

These kits are composed of, typically, the generic forms, some software, and some instruction. Unfortunately, they're not able to address the exact divorce laws in your state. Considering that divorce statutes vary widely from state to state, you're already looking at a significant roadblock.

You can't take advantage of using a quick kit unless you and your spouse agree on nearly everything already. Even those friendly divorces can take a fair amount of legal wrangling. It's a much better idea to proceed with your divorce carefully and with great legal care, even if you don't anticipate future conflict.

Better than a Divorce Kit

The best thing to do is consult an attorney for answers and advice. You can find some amazingly low consultation rates when you check out an online legal advice center. For comprehensive information as well as document review and local referral, they're a great place to plan your case.

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