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Doctor Malpractice

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Doctor malpractice is a sensitive issue in many ways. Malpractice cases were extremely rare in the past because most people believed that doctors were all brilliant and never made mistakes. Today, that image has changed as more and more incidents of doctor malpractice come to light in the courts.

Why is There Doctor Malpractice?

There's an old joke that says that you should find out where in his or her class your doctor graduated. You wouldn't want to go to a doctor who graduated last in his or her class, especially if that doctor graduated from a less-than-prestigious medical school. It is even recommended occasionally that you check out a physician's background for malpractice suits before you go to him or her for treatment.

The bottom line is that there are bad waitresses, bad construction workers, bad attorneys, and bad doctors. There are people in just about every profession who are not equipped to function at even the most basic level. The distressing point is that, when it is a doctor who is not qualified to practice medicine, people's lives are at stake. While any doctor, just like any other human being, can make a mistake once in a while, a doctor who makes mistakes regularly should be challenged legally.

Doctor Malpractice Recourse

The court systems are set up to provide victims of malpractice, or their survivors, with the opportunity to seek redress in the case of serious injury or even death. Sometimes mistakes cost a person their future by resulting in disfigurement or permanent disability. Sometimes mistakes cost a person's life. In both cases, it is reasonable to find an attorney who can help.

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