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Dui Law

Written by Jason Dumpit
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If you're about to be prosecuted for drunk driving, there are things you should know. DUI cases are treated as extremely serious matters, and the consequences can be dire. It is not advised that you attempt to represent yourself at your trial, as DUI law is rather complex--you're best off with the counsel of an experienced attorney.

How Your Attorney May Be Able to Defend You

A good lawyer will review your case thoroughly. Even if it seems helpless to you, he or she may be able to prove your innocence--perhaps by determining faulty breathalizer operation, or having your blood samples retested by an independent lab. Never underestimate an attorney's abilities to find hope in what may seem to be a closed case!

There are various defenses that may help your case. Laws get complex regarding sobriety roadblocks--if there wasn't legal cause for the police officer to stop you, then you may be able to get your case dismissed. Even the officer's wording in giving you your sobriety tests can stand against his case in court.

As mentioned above, even the operation of the testing devices can be called into question. Give your lawyer information that covers absolutely everything that occurred at the time of the arrest--he or she may be able to turn seemingly unimportant details into the tools that win your case! Know how to find a lawyer who can best take your case--using lawyer locators on the Web is a great way to narrow down the field and find one in your area with a history of successfully handling cases such as yours.

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