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Legal Malpractice

Written by Jason Dumpit
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You've no doubt heard about cases of medical malpractice. However, legal malpractice is an equally common grounds for lawsuit. This refers to misconduct or misinformation provided by an attorney whom you retained.

Were You, In Fact, Victim to Legal Malpractice?

If you suspect malpractice at the hands of your attorney, consider the details of your relationship with him or her. Are you aware of a specific failure on your attorney's part, or are you merely suspicious that your case was mishandled due to a poor outcome? In either case, you may wish to consult an attorney skilled in handling such malpractice suits.

Know how to find a lawyer who will search out the pertinent facts for your case. He or she will need to prove that you would have won or had a better outcome in your previous lawsuit but for the inaction or misconduct of your former legal representative. Of course, the most common complaint stems from a negative sentence or minimal settlement.

The deciding factor will ultimately be whether the legal professional with whom you have the problem was performing at sub-par levels compared with the rest of the legal community's standards. You'll need to prove that some injury, loss, or damage was sustained due to their conduct. Get the best representation possible this time around--utilize an online lawyer locator in order to find the most experienced professional malpractice attorneys in your area.

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