Legal Name Change

Written by Laurie Nichol
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If you're pursuing a legal name change following your divorce, the process can be relatively simple. You need to request that the judge process the order while he or she is reviewing your case. If you want to have the names of your children changed, this can also be accomplished relatively simply.

Getting a legal name change for your children used to be a little bit more difficult. If you were thinking that it would be a hassle, you're probably remembering the older rules regarding this. Now, even if you want to change the last name of your kids, away from their father's name, you can more easily do so.

It's true that the courts used to be a bit biased in this regard. They looked on the children as members of their father's surname, whether or not he remained involved in their lives. Now, you can request a change based on various factors, all of which boil down to it being in their best interests.

Considering a Legal Name Change for Your Children

If you want to know which requirements must be met in order to accomplish this, you might want to speak to a lawyer. While most people balk at the idea of legal consultation because of price, this needn't be the case. There are some excellent online legal advice sites where you can easily afford valuable advice from a licensed attorney.

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