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Litigation Law Firms

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Litigation is defined as any legal proceeding which takes place in a court and as a judicial contest devised to both determine rights and to enforce them. It is a lawsuit or the process of carrying out the lawsuit in court. Litigation law firms are those legal firms that represent parties desiring to bring lawsuits against other parties in order to gain redress for damages.

Litigation Law Firms Online

Because the Internet is such a great venue for exchanging or finding information, many law firms have created an internet presence so that prospective clients will be able to find them. One good thing about these websites is that they provide visitors with a lot of information, often including detailed descriptions of the types of cases they have successfully handled in the past. They may also provide a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and, possibly, even online access to a live attorney.

One advantage to looking at some of these websites is that your search will provide you with more information about litigation, about cases similar to yours, and about how to find the best law firm to conduct your case. In addition, many of the law firms you will find are licensed to practice in numerous states. This may mean that they have an office in your area so that, if you find one you really like, you may be able to hire them.

Litigation Law Firms and Contingency

If you are thinking about a personal injury lawsuit, you should know about contingency. Contingency is an agreement between you and your attorney or team of attorneys that states that you will not be charged any fees at all if they do not win the case for you. One of the advantages of using litigation law firms that take cases on contingency is that they will generally only take cases they have a reasonable chance of winning.

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