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Personal Injury Settlements

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Personal injury settlements can mean the difference between suffering and a fairly normal life for someone who has been hurt using a defective product or through the negligence or criminal behavior of another person or persons. In many cases, a monetary settlement cannot undo the damage done to the victim or the victim's survivors, but it can cover medical expenses, lost wages, or even the ability to earn a wage. It is critical for a seriously injured person to obtain the advice of a qualified attorney when the subject of personal injury compensation arises.

Personal Injury Settlements and Attorneys

You have probably seen the advertisements on television that tell you not to talk to an insurance company when you've been the victim of an accident. That rule holds true for almost all injury claims. If a drunk driver deprives you of the ability to have a normal life, it would not be unheard of for that driver's insurance company to try to get you to accept a very limited offer of restitution. In some cases, the offer may even be made while you are still in the hospital and not in full control.

If you receive such an offer, you should definitely discuss it with a personal injury attorney. She will have a far better idea of what you may be facing and will likely have an entire team of medical professionals who will be able to make a better determination about what you will need to have a good quality of life. The more debilitating your injury, the more you need a good personal injury attorney.

Appropriate Personal Injury Settlements

Personal injury settlements should be based on a clear understanding of what your injury will cost you in terms of medical bills, lost wages, and a reduced quality of life. They should also take into account your age and, if you are a family wage earner, the financial needs of your family. When you're suffering physically and emotionally immediately after an injury, you need the help of a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney to represent you and your family.

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