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Wrongful Death Settlements

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Wrongful death settlements can never replace or even reduce the horrible sense of loss felt by the surviving parties when a product is found to be defective in a court of law. They can, however, allow a devastated family to continue to live in their home, send children to college, and assure that a widow or widower or parent will be able to get through the trauma without financial worries. In addition, one of the main reasons some grieving families opt for a wrongful death lawsuit is to prevent other families from suffering the same loss as a result of a defective product.

Wrongful Death Settlements Today

If you truly believe that a loved one was lost because of someone else's negligence in designing, manufacturing, or delivering a product, you have the option to enter into a wrongful death lawsuit. It is critical, if you make that decision, to gather as much evidence as possible to bring to the attorney you select. It is also crucial to work with an attorney who has significant experience in bringing such cases to conclusion.

While some settlements are arranged at the negotiating table, you should try to find an attorney that has presented such cases to a jury. The choice to proceed to court if the defendants offer a settlement amount is yours. You and your attorney should carefully consider the pros and cons of accepting or negotiating an offer. The two aspects you should pay particular attention to are the amount of the settlement and the stress or trauma that you or your family would incur by having to recall and testify to on the witness stand. The strength of your case should also be taken into account.

Wrongful Death Attorneys

A good wrongful death attorney is always focused on getting her clients the best possible wrongful death settlements she can. She may talk to you about the negotiation option but will not quickly recommend it if she believes it is in your best interest to address the issue in a courtroom. Wrongful death settlements are often larger than other settlements. Finding an attorney who truly believes in a case is the first step to successfully providing the victim's family with the financial support they need.

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