Written by Michael O'Brien
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Captran is a leading legal funding investment firm which builds its business on the interaction of the legal community. Brokers who refer clients to this company receive a commission based on the money received from a legal settlement. This has made the company one of the leading organizations in providing those in need with necessary loans to pay for legal expenses. Let's take a closer look at what makes this company tick.

Captran: Community Investing

Captran provides legal funding to plaintiffs and attorneys who are out to decide a case on a settlement basis. This is always a preferable course of action since taking a legal matter to court can be more costly and time consuming than it is worth. A court case is also a more uncertain course of action. A settlement will more than likely at least earn a plaintiff and his or her attorney some kind of monetary award.

Over 60 percent of the company's business comes from referrals. This is why it offers the incentives it does to those who do the referring. Lawyers earn a percentage of the commission on each loan that the company provides. This commission is given on a case by case basis and is not regional as is often the case with other legal funding broker arrangements.

The company isn't about giving "kickbacks" to those who throw business its way. Captran maintains a high level of professionalism and ethics. This is why the company has been so successful. By using a proprietary financial underwriting model, it can decide the merits of each case to determine the most fair and appropriate means of financing legal matters that warrant investment. In other words, they won't give a loan to a flimsy or superfluous case.

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