Emergency Money

Written by Michael O'Brien
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We all need emergency money now and again. In the legal profession, however, emergency money isn't about getting gas, groceries, or late night pizza deliveries. Emergency money is often needed to pay for bail, court fees, and lawyer expenses should the unforeseen occur. The problem often becomes a matter of obtaining this money when it is so badly needed.

Emergency Money: The Harsh Reality

Imagine the unthinkable has occurred. You get a call in the middle of the night that your teenage son or daughter has been in an accident. Perhaps the matter is compounded by the likely fact that a DUI situation is involved. Perhaps the other driver involved in the accident may have actually been the one at fault despite the fact that your child was drinking. Your head swims at the overwhelming potential for disaster.

The first course of action is often to call a lawyer. The next should be in thinking about how you're going to pay to treat any injuries that have been sustained and how you're going to defend your son or daughter in court. This is going to be costly. One of the biggest burdens with this kind of disaster is being faced with the possibility that you will not have enough money to prove your child was not at fault and to keep him or her out of prison.

Many legal funding companies are available to help in such situations. Cash advances and a line of credit can be offered to pay for any immediate, emergency, legal expenses. If, after thoroughly investigating a case, the funding company sees that your party is not at fault and has a good chance of winning the case, they will invest in helping you. You pay them back when the case is settled and the emergency is over.

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