Lawsuit Cash Advance

Written by Michael O'Brien
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For someone to be eligible for lawsuit cash advance there must be certain criteria. Legal funding firms are not, after all, in the habit of throwing money away. Since most offer a guarantee that a plaintiff need not pay back a cash advance if no money is received, they must be extra careful. What do these firms look for?

Lawsuit Cash Advance: Reality versus Fantasy

Have you ever watched a show like Ally McBeal or The Practice? Every week, several of the attorneys on the show are embroiled in some exciting case. They consult with their clients a bit, but then it's off to courtroom where the dramatic arguments and moving speeches can begin. It may be fun to watch, but you can pretty well guarantee that no client employing the services of those law firms would be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance.

A lawsuit cash advance would never be granted if someone's attorney went to court as often as law firms on television and movies do. For that matter, most of these law firms wouldn't stay in business long by going to court as much as they do. Going to court is generally considered by most lawyers to be a last resort. In a way, a lawyer that has to go to court has failed in his or her job

Settling out of court is always, always preferable to going to court. Court trials take too long, are too expensive, and involve too much uncertainty. We only hear about the high profile cases for that very reason. They are high profile. Most cases are settled out of court. The most successful law firms proudly build their entire businesses over never going to court.

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