Pre Settlement Funding

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Pre settlement funding is available for persons seeking to go to trial, but lacking the funds to do so. This is a common circumstance. Many people don't have enough money to take someone to court. The American legal system is overwrought with cases and litigation is an extremely costly endeavor.

Pre Settlement Funding is Available

Most cases reach a settlement without ever having to go to trial. Pre settlement funding may be procured to retain legal counsel who can negotiate such a settlement. In the case of vehicular bodily injury, for example, a lawyer could reach a settlement with the insurance company that is more advantageous than the initial offer. It is important to be represented by legal counsel for this endeavor. They are trained to know the ins and outs of insurance law.

Once a settlement is reached, the plaintiff gives up the right to pursue any further legal action regarding the case. In other words, you can't win a settlement, and then later sue. This could come up in the case of personal injury. For example, if you are injured in a car wreck and sue for bodily injury and are subsequently awarded a settlement, you can't try to sue again a year later because your injuries have worsened.

Be Patient

Make sure your treatment has concluded before you seek a settlement. That way, you and your lawyer know how much money to reasonably ask for. If you have received pre settlement funding, the cash advance will be repaid once you receive your settlement. Legal funding is not available for people who have already made a settlement and are simply waiting for their check to arrive.

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