Adoption Attorneys

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Adoption attorneys are legal specialists in adoption law and practice. Your search for reputable adoption attorneys will begin with a series of questions. First, you'll need to know the extent of their experience and what areas of adoption they specialize in. You'll also want to know details about the cost: what factors affect their adoption fees, and how do they bill? Hourly rates, after all, do not tell all. Other questions will vary, depending on whether you are adopting an international child, a domestic newborn, or adopting independently.

Choosing among Adoption Attorneys

The best recommendation is always word of mouth, of course, but there are not enough adoptions and adoption attorneys out there that word of mouth will be ready on the street or within your circle of colleagues and friends. Online forums and other websites on adoption, however, extend your circle tremendously. These are worth exploring.

The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, for example, has about 2,000 members. In a country of 260 million people, that's not many. The singular plus of adoption attorneys, however, is that they need not live in your area. You need meet with them only one or twice.

Among the issues you might want to raise in interviewing adoption attorneys are their philosophy about adoption. Specifically, for example, you might ask what they think about independent adoption versus identified agency adoption. Other questions might deal with their accessibility, and how much effort they are prepared to put in to help you find a child.

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