Adoption Lawyers

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you're looking for adoption lawyers, the first thing you might want to do is access the online adoption network. Various adoption organization websites feature forums. As resources for adoption information, these are a wonderful supplement to word of mouth. And word of mouth is always the best recommendation for any specialist, which is what adoption lawyers are. Often enough, too, they are also adoptive parents. That's telling.

What Adoption Lawyers Do

Adoption lawyers are professional specialists in a narrow field. There are barely more than 2,000 members, for example, in the professional association of adoption lawyers. Within the field are, of course, sub-specialties. Adoption lawyers might deal only with international adoptions. They might act only for special needs or gifted children.

In deciding among your choices of adoption lawyers, you will probably want to ask the usual, and generally telling, round of questions to help determine the match. First, ask how long they have practiced adoption law, and how they came to choose the specialty they did (if they did). Ask what their philosophy is regarding one form of adoption over another.

Although accessibility by telephone and email is of course critical, choosing a lawyer in your geographic region or state isn't necessarily important. You will not have to meet with them in person often, perhaps only once or twice: during that first session, and when the adoption is finalized. The state in which they base their office is immaterial. These lawyers by definition will be versed in the state-to-state differences in adoption law. If they are not, you wouldn't hire them.

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