Court Document Information

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Referencing the right court document information as you prepare for a no-fault divorce is critical. Laws vary, as we all know, from state to state. Legal procedure varies more than the laws do. Prolonging an already complex and time-consuming experience by preparing your paperwork using the wrong court document information is not what you want to do.

Identifying Appropriate Court Document Information

The best--that is, most direct--source for reliable divorce and court document information is your state or local government offices. However, since those offices may be far away or inconvenient for you, you can always find these forms in an online legal database. The forms required in a divorce proceeding are standard in type across all 50 states. The particulars are specific to your jurisdiction.

At the start is the marriage separation agreement, which applies if children, shared real property, or shared debt factor into the equation. Also at the start is the actual petition for divorce, filed by one spouse. The contents of these two documents will in essence determine how the rest of the divorce unfolds. If you've gotten bum court document information, you may have the wrong forms and will have started the process off in the worst possible way.

The moral of this story is a variation on the theme of the "garbage in, garbage out" cliché. Your divorce is too weighty and fundamentally unpleasant an event in your life to muddle. You may be confident that you can get not only accurate court document information but complete information as well. You may be confident that you can handle the heavy flow of paperwork and court filings. If not, consider finding an online document preparation service (sometimes combined with a database of forms) that already knows the appropriate court document information you need. They can help you through the process so that you get it right the first time.

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