Divorce California

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you are planning on divorce, California makes the process especially easy. As in many states, residency requirements are fairly straightforward. Either husband or wife must have lived in California for at least six months before filing. For the spouse filing for divorce, California also requires county residence of at least three months. Both spouses need not be California residents, however.

As far as grounds for divorce, California law recognizes only no-fault filings. No-fault means that both husband and wife agree beforehand that they want or need to divorce. The usual phrasing in such cases is "irreconcilable differences." Another condition for which California allows is insanity, but this must be proven and the proof must include competent medical or psychiatric testimony, and the insanity must be incurable.

Easy Divorce, California Style

You need never see the inside of a courtroom in divorce California style. In your filing for divorce, California allows forms to be faxed to the courthouse of appropriate jurisdiction. A judge there will sign the documents, completing your divorce process. The signed documents will be returned to you later, after they have been filed appropriately in the court system.

One option for divorce California permits is summary dissolution. For this, eligibility presumes that the residential and "irreconcilable differences" stipulations have been met. Beyond that, it hinges on a marriage of less than five years, there being no children, community assets being worth less than $25,000, there being no real property in common, any lease not having an option to buy, and both spouses being willing to waive any rights to spousal support.

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