Divorce Florida

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you live in the state and are planning on divorce, Florida law makes the process very simple. Grounds are straightforward. First, the marriage is irretrievably broken. Second, one of the parties is mentally incapacitated. Beyond this are residency requirements. As with most other states, the spouse filing for divorce must have lived in Florida for at least six months. The other spouse need not be a resident. Proof of residency can be established one of three ways. First is with a valid Florida driver's license. Second is with a voter's registration card. Third is by the testimony or affidavit of a third party.

Filing for Divorce, Florida Style

State law stipulates residency requirements and grounds for divorce. The particulars of divorce Florida county law dictates. In many, you need not see the inside of a courtroom to divorce. The forms to complete are those found in the Family Rules of Procedure issued by the Florida Supreme Court.

There are two complications of divorce Florida law itemizes. The first is when one spouse denies the marriage is irretrievably broken. The second is when there is a minor child or children. In these situations, the court is permitted to order the couple to see a marriage counselor, psychiatrist, minister, psychologist, rabbi, priest, or anyone else the court deems qualified. The court may also instruct the couple to come back in three months or take other action it considers in the best interest of any minor children.

Florida code does go so far as to specify in so many words that a marriage being dissolved does not make the child or children of that marriage "born out of wedlock." It also requires that the parents provide the court with the full name, birth date, and social security number of each child in the marriage. Such disclosure, it notes, is limited solely to state administration of child support.

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