Divorce Forms For Any State

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Divorce forms for any state are best qualified up front. Such forms are not forms that can be used for divorce in any state. The phrase conveys instead a service offered by various legal services and law firms. Divorce forms for any state are available at any number of resources, including online legal sites.

If the divorce you face is a no-fault arrangement, you have a number of options on how to proceed. If it is contested, you probably have a lawyer and the paperwork is not your problem. If not, you'd be wise to hire a lawyer anyhow or a legal services firm anyhow. Divorce forms for any state will number from 20 to 40. Spare yourself the anguish.

What Are the Basic Divorce Forms for any State?

The three best known divorce forms that apply to any state are the marital separation agreement, the petition for dissolution (or petition for divorce), and the decree of dissolution. These mark, in essence, the stages of the process. Their names may vary somewhat from state to state but are recognizable across borders.

The marital separation agreement is used when there is any one of or any combination of three elements: shared real property, shared debt, and children. The petition for divorce is the formal request by one spouse to begin divorce proceedings. The decree of divorce signs, seals, and delivers the official end of the marriage. Any standard set of divorce forms for any state will include these three. It may also include any number of the scores of other possibilities. These can be financial affidavits, name change requests, judgments of visitation, summons, child custody agreements, and the list goes on. You can find all these forms online, bundled for your convenience, when you search for an online legal database. I strongly suggest you use one of these databases to save yourself time and trouble.

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