Divorce Lawyers

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Is looking for divorce lawyers on your to-do list? If not, you might want to stop reading. If so, you probably are not facing a no-fault divorce, for which you don't need and might not want divorce lawyers involved. You may have struck out in asking friends or colleagues if they have any divorce lawyers they can recommend. With luck, you simply haven't asked yet. Word of mouth is almost always the best way to find good professionals, be it divorce lawyers or pediatric surgeons or renovation architects.

The Unpleasant Task of Selecting Divorce Lawyers

The first thing to consider is the professional qualification of your prospective lawyer. How much experience in contested divorces does the attorney have? A patent attorney or environmental specialist, to pick two extreme examples, no matter how well intentioned, are not the best ones to help you with your divorce. You want someone with significant experience in handling divorce cases.

Remember though, divorce lawyers usually charge on an hourly basis, almost always in 15-minute increments. Everything takes 15 minutes, by the way, even if it's a five-minute telephone call to make sure you'll be on time to courthouse. The best and most ethical lawyers in the world bill this way. It's the professional norm. (It's why we try to avoid attorneys, right?)

The other critical aspect of choosing among divorce lawyers is whether you like him (or her). If you don't see eye to eye, have some sense of rapport, some sense of trust, it doesn't bode well. You will be spending a great deal of time with this person. You will, out of necessity, be confiding in her or him more than you might otherwise like to do. You need to have confidence and trust in the person who's handling your divorce. Keep at the search until you find the right person.

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