Free Marital Separation Agreement Forms

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Are you interested in free marital separation agreement forms? The first thing to do with the word free, when encountering it in advertising, is to read carefully what it's attached to, define that something, then decide whether a free version is worth the money you're not paying. This applies to all legal documents. Skepticism pays.

Are You Interested in Free Marital Separation Agreement Forms?

Marital separation agreement forms are those documents that, after two spouses sign them, classify a divorce as a no-contest dissolution of marriage vows. No contest means that no one is at fault. The agreement is important for a number of reasons. The first is for child custody and support. The others are division of property and debt, and for tax considerations.

Free legal forms can be obtained online. No longer do you have to pay expensive lawyer's fees simply to acquire and fill out a simple form. Free marital separation agreement forms, while among the free forms available online, tend to be "one size fits all." State laws vary, however. Just as they do, so does the paperwork appropriate to them. Make sure you're getting the right form from your chosen online site.

Similarly, the particulars of your separation will not be the same as someone else's and so, you may wish to modify the form to fit the needs of your particular situation. When considering modification of free online marital separation agreement forms, it's important to know that submitted forms must pass certain standards to be accepted by a court. The judge will accept or reject your submitted separation agreement form based on whether or not your form is in violation of any laws, and will not concern him or herself with whether or not the agreement is in your or your spouse's best interests. Attorneys or legal aids or legal services with experience in your state are best qualified to determine if what you've drafted is appropriate and beneficial. They are also best qualified to discern whether you may have inadvertently omitted (or included) an item better included (or deleted). In this case, you may want to download and fill out your free marital separation agreement forms and then have someone who is legally qualified look them over for you.

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Leave it to a website that promises free legal forms to give you the run around until you finally find what you want and all of the sudden it's not free anymore!

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great article. where can i find these forms?