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Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The quantity of online legal documents available is, as anyone who begins to look knows, staggering. Just as staggering is what it takes to make sense of it. What you want and can get from it is a comfort zone. You want to make informed decisions. You want to be as smart a shopper as you can, and develop a comfort zone in the basics of law that apply to you and what you're trying to accomplish. You also want to find a comfort zone in choosing a lawyer (if you must), and in knowing that the online legal documents you might file in a court system will be in order.

Being your own lawyer is almost never a good idea--as popular renditions in television shows and movies accurately (for once) indicate. Being your own paralegal, though, is well within reach. You've already taken the first step in starting to look for and at online legal documents and resources. The difference between reading the words and understanding law, however, should not be underestimated. Any legal action--whether civil, domestic or criminal--should be undertaken only with the assistance of someone experienced in doing so. The law is a profession, an institution and a complex living thing. Respect it. Work with it. Don't underestimate it.

Online Legal Documents: Gathering Information

Grounding yourself in the basics of common legal issues is easy enough online. It takes time, however, as you may know already. The law is complex and multilayered. How it applies varies from state to state, and set of circumstances to set of circumstances. That's a lot of information. In the course of gathering it, you'll be touching on the very top layer, a thin one. Online legal documents and resources will not give you the whole story, but they can help you get what you need or what. They can be the first step to making informed decisions.

It's very likely, given that you're looking into the subject as much as you have done already, that you might be looking for more online legal documents about divorce, child custody, or adoption. If so, a great deal of information is available to you.

Federal and government websites and the well-known ultimate legal library Lexis-Nexis are all resources whose information and direction you can trust. But are all these online legal documents, references, resources and road signs too much, more than you can handle, more than you can make sense of? Yes, if you're trying to be your own lawyer. No, if you're simply trying to educate yourself out of ignorance and into sensible informed decisions.

Online Legal Documents: Finding Legal Forms

So now you've read into the basics. You've made some order of the wealth of available online legal documents and resources. Where you've gone to gather information has helped you gather the paperwork you need to take action. Your next step is to do something with it. You need to take action to start the paperwork rolling. Your next step is to review the bidding, that is, the online legal documents and forms you've found.

Step 1: Complete the forms that apply to you. Step 2: Make sure they're completed accurately and properly. Step 3: Write checks for the fees required to file the forms. Step 4: File the forms in the right places at the right time. Step 5: Ready yourself for the next step.

There is another question you must address before you start up this staircase (make no mistake: it's a staircase, not a curb). Have you prepared all the online legal documents and forms correctly? Are you sure? If they are not, you will need to do everything all over again until they are. It would be a much better use of your time to put in the time to make sure you get everything right the first time.

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