Erbs Palsy

Written by Lacy Carter
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There is a little known malady that plagues babies during birth and can have startling lifelong effects. The birth process is very precarious for both mother and child. A good doctor is aware of the state of both parties at all times. It is incredibly dangerous for the task of monitoring progress to be set aside.

What Is Erbs Palsy?

The position that the fetus is in when emerging from the birth canal is integral to securing a safe delivery. Just as cerebral palsy can result from birthing negligence, Erbs palsy can occur at the same time. Tension placed on the child's arm and shoulder, due to incorrect positioning, may cause nerve damage.

If the child's head emerges but then wedges the arms or shoulders of the baby against the mother's bone, a serious threat is posed. Rupturing of the nerves or even slight nerve damage is considered Erbs palsy. In severe cases the nerves are so impacted that paralysis sets in. This awkward placement of the child's shoulders is considered extremely dangerous for the mother and fetus.

The doctor usually can foresee irregular fetal positioning through ultrasound technology. High birth weight or similar complications in previous pregnancies is also a warning flag that the doctor should observe. As a precaution, a cesarean can be performed to side step perceived danger. The doctor can be blamed for Erbs palsy if he or she ignores the warning signs or forgoes adequate testing.

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