Written by Lacy Carter
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Developing health complications creates confusion in any instance. Tracing the source of the malady to medical misdiagnosis or drug side effects further compounds the tragedy. You are faced with a lot of anger when the drug industry that promises to help you only hurts you. Many patients who were prescribed Rezulin have found themselves in just such a position, and need counsel in order to sort out the facts.

Rezulin Warnings

Prescribed as a drug for Type II and adult diabetes, Rezulin saturated the pharmaceutical arena until recent years. The unforeseen liver damage that is linked to Rezulin plagued takers with side effects just as debilitating as diabetes. Due to the sizable threat Rezulin posed to normal body functions, the FDA recalled it in 2000.

If you were taking or know someone who was taking Rezulin, liver tests should be undertaken. Subtle symptoms like murky urine, nausea and fatigue are signs of liver damage that a patient may not find overly alarming. An examination to determine the extent of the Rezulin induced malady, if there is any, is in order.

Baycol, Ephedra, and Rezulin are all drugs that have been found to be too dangerous for consumption. The risk posed to the patient by such substances is prosecutable by law if deterioration of health is attributed to the prescription. Patients have the right to depend on medicine without worrying about taking involuntary risks to their well being.

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