Brain Injury Lawyers

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Brain injury lawyers specialize in personal injury cases wherein the plaintiff has sustained traumatic brain injury. This injury can be due to medical malpractice, vehicle or sports accidents, assault, or negligence on the part of a product manufacturer. With the resources available to him, an attorney can determine if a victim has a legitimate claim for damages based on the cause of the injury, and will determine if another person or company caused the brain injury either directly or indirectly.

Brain Injury Lawyers and the Types of Injury

For this determination to be made, an attorney will investigate how the injury occurred and what kind of damage was sustained. Distinctions are made between direct and indirect trauma, as well as secondary types of brain injury. Direct trauma can occur when a force penetrates or fractures the skull, causing the brain to strike the interior of the skull. Indirect trauma occurs when nerve cells are damaged as a result of severe shaking or whiplash.

Exposure to chemicals or a lack of oxygen can also cause brain injury. Secondary injuries such as edema (swelling) and hematoma (bleeding) can prevent vital nutrients from reaching the brain cells. Brain injury lawyers can subpoena medical records in order to gather information about the cause of injury. With knowledge of the consequences of trauma to the brain, they can make an informed decision about whether the plaintiff is responsible for the injury.

Head trauma can occur in a number of situations. Sometimes the cause is not immediately clear. Without medical knowledge of trauma symptoms and what causes them, it would be impossible to make a fair determination of responsibility. This is one of the benefits of engaging brain injury lawyers. They are familiar with the medical aspects of these cases, and have resources that can assist them in gathering evidence.

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