Columbus Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers

Written by Beth Hrusch
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In the state of Ohio there are many qualified attorneys who are well-versed in personal injury law. One of the reasons that Ohio attracts this specialty is the fact that it is a tort state with strict liability laws regarding personal injury and all of its related fields. Claims made for personal injury must prove one of three things in order for the plaintiff to receive damages. A successful suit will often depend upon the skill of a personal injury attorney, who will prepare a case based on the evidence and how it applies to state law.

Columbus Ohio Lawyers and Personal Injury

Three conditions describe a plaintiff's liability in personal injury cases. They are negligence, strict liability, and intentional wrong. An attorney will try to prove that the defendant's actions or lack of action can be described in one or more of these ways. For example, if the defendant fails to prevent an accident on his property through neglecting to maintain it properly, he can be held liable for injury. With strict liability, a manufacturer may be liable for injuries due to a faulty product. Intentional wrong is involved in assault and battery cases.

Intentional wrong suits are often brought in addition to any criminal charges. For example, a plaintiff may charge the defendant with personal injury in a civil suit and a criminal suit, in order to increase the chances of receiving damages. In Columbus, state law applies to all personal injury suits. Both compensatory and punitive damages may be sought, and an attorney can determine if the case warrants these damages. The extent of loss plays a part in this determination.

A Columbus attorney can apprise his clients of the latest state laws regarding personal injury. An injured person can work with his attorney in order to make sound judgments about how to proceed. Experienced personal injury lawyers are ideally in partnership with their clients, both having the same goal--a fair outcome in which justice is served.

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